Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some people are “Internet gay” for POL Arida

Okay, Sunday is the BIG (note all caps) POL ARIDA COVERED EVENT. As I write this it's Friday night which in my point of view is like Christmas eve, eve. I couldn't sleep a wink last night. I'm way too excited to sleep I might miss some critical point of the POL ARIDA COVERED EVENT season.

Now let me take a moment to speak about my two sons. Some would call them NERDS, but they would be wrong. They are in fact hardcore NERDS and quite proud to wear the pocket protector of their people. A while back they introduced me to a term I was unaware of. That term was “Internet gay”. This term has no sexual orientation meaning at all, is simply means a guy that is very fond, and very vocal on the Internet about the wonders of another guy.


Dark_Lord_ChAoS_4772: None can compare to the Glory that is Sephiroth. His golden locks, his mighty s0ward, his wicked cool outfit is the total package. Final fantasy VII is the only game I need. Come to me Sephiroth.

Ch1cksDi9m3: Doood, you are so Internet gay for Sephiroth.

Some might suggest I'm Internet gay for POL Arida, but I'm not. There is nothing wrong with being Internet gay... I'm just not.

Besides, what could I possibly say about POL Arida that hasn't already been said, and proven true by the excited hordes that squeal with delight at his every FaceBook post ? But when they do squeal with excitement, I'm proud to say I squeal the loudest. Because I'm all about being HARD CORE about my POL Arida-ing.

All kidding aside, because I wasn't kidding. POL Arida is the sole reason to have an event like Covered. Face the facts he's the best there is. The only reason to have other Covered events is so the organizers don't appear to be Internet gay for POL Arida. If they would just come out of the internet closet and stop living a lie, we could just stage POL Arida Covered events every month.

But me, I'm not Internet gay for POL Arida. I simply respect him as an artist and while my humble attempts at song-craft are light years beyond most songwriters. On my best day I can only progress far enough to catch a momentary glimpse of the dust cloud POL Arida kicks up as whips out songs so good, words in common usage are not sufficient to describe them. But I lack the skills to create these new words. I'm sure that POL Arida could crate these words... with no visible effort and the new words he would create would be so rapturously good he would need to create even more words to describe how good his new words are.

But POL Arida knew this whole mess would get out of hand, So he leaves the world to marvel dumbstruck.

That being said, let me state that satire is a fickle mistress, and sometime times the target isn't clear. Let me say it right up front, I'm the target. I'm a big huge fan of POL Arida and I'm not comfortable with that. He's popular, and deserving of his popularity. He's one of the few in Second Life that I can say that about.

He's far more then Second Life though.

He's probably the most forward thinking artist I know of when it comes to using the Internet to get his music out in front of new listeners. He is the consummate post-modern Troubadour. Of course, if his music was crap I wouldn't care about any of this. But since his music is brilliant, I care very much, so much so, it might even border on Internet gay.

I'm excited about the upcoming Covered Event, and I'm proud to be a part of it. I now have an excuse to play POL cover songs in public.

So what if when I'm all alone, I put on a kilt, shove a vodka bottle up my ass and dive head first into a tub full of Haggis. That doesn't make me Internet gay.... dose it?

In other POL Arida news.

POL Arida is taking a crack at reading the script that left Uncle Slappy a bit undone. POL Arida... being POL Arida plans to read both the Daddy part, and (Gasp) the part of Timbo.

Can he do it?

Of course he can, he's POL Arida.

And if he doesn't do it, it's most likely because he's read the script and figured it was a steaming pile of dung not worthy of his talent. But what are the odds of that happening. I'm freaking brilliant.

Perhaps I'm Internet gay for myself.

Or is that Internet masturbation?

Sunday 11 am SLT. Catch it in world or stream it in from FaceBook. The POL Arida Covered Event will most likely be the defining moment of our generation.

At least until my Covered Event.

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  1. WOW!!!!! You have a crazy mind ...your insane...and I love it : ) I totally agree with you POl is Amazing..but then he is POL!!!!
    I totally love the beautiful warped minds of a very special group of musicians I know, they are truly what music is all about. Thank You Jac for being YOU : )