Saturday, August 18, 2012

September is going to be busy

We've hinted about big “Goings on” in September, I think it's time to share the scope of our vision. Of course I realize sometimes visions are bit different from the outcome, and because of that, it's risky business.

But risk is my middle name.

The first week of September, Vincent Scarpitti (Vincent Carptha) Vallery Barbin (Noma Falta) will join the members of Kinagree Smith for form an impromptu Cyber Super Group. While this would be wicked cool in and of itself, there is more.

We are planning to shoot a bunch of video footage and compile it into a video documentary entitled, “2 Big 4 The Internet”.

The whole visit almost plays out like a not so lame reality TV show. Nobody gets voted off the island, but we try to do a lot of stuff in very little time.

We are planing to play show in Second Life, Do some recordings, and play a show in real life at The Hollywood Tavern. The Itinerary works like this.

Day one, People arrive.
Day Two, we rehearse the set we intend to play.
Day Three, Play a few shows in Second Life
Day Four, Play the Hollywood Tavern.
Day Five, Squeak in a recording session.

Vinnie has to leave on day five at 8 PM so that really puts a hard ceiling on recording.

We are also doing “The Morning Feed, with Ed Feldman” on G-Town Radio on one of those days.

Why are we doing a documentary?

Well... there is a story to be told here and while it may or may not be entertaining, I'm sure it will be interesting. It's the story of five people who love and respect each other, gathering together to make music. Five people lifting the banner of Internet musicians and showing the world what they can do.

Now perhaps you are saying, “Playing a show at The Hollywood Tavern is not the world”, and I'm not suggesting it is. But a documentary posted to the Internet can reach a lot of people. The Itinerary is next to impossible to keep up with. But we are firm in our conviction that with the proper preparation we can do it.

But we can't do it alone. We do need your help.

If you can participate at any level please do. If you live anywhere near Philadelphia make plans to join us for The Hollywood Tavern show on September 5th. When making a documentary, you don't want to document how poor the turn out was at the live show. And having our Internet supporters attend the show is a great testament to the level of support you give us.

If you bring your video camera and whatever USB doohickey you need to download files with you, we would love to include your listener based footage in our documentary. We can't pay you, but if we use you footage we will include your name in the credits.

We are hosting a “Meet and Greet” at 7 PM before the show. So come on out, shake our hands or hug our necks. Make sure we are real.

We do plan on making a live video broadcast of the live show from The Hollywood Tavern so if you can't come in person, log on and watch. You might want to have a few friends over and make a party of it. You can even take a video of you watching the show on your computer.

I'm really looking forward to this. I really hope you can enjoy it right along with us. We've got a lot to do, but as always.... expect great things.

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