Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monkeys With Guns invade the Hollywood Tavern

What was suppose to be a Kinagree Smith performance at The Hollywood Tavern turned in to a "Monkeys with Guns" show (Jack and Ira). We play "The Cowboy Song" off our hit recording "Hobson's Choice".

Lexie did the "Artistic Camera work" and I think she stopped shooting before the song was over. But interesting none the less. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. You guys really rocked last night!!! I think my talents are served way better on the stage the behind the camera.... though I thought you both looked pretty hot upside down.
    Im loving this pre 2big4 time. Hey is it true? I heard that Ed Feldmam (formerly of the Furniture Guys and presently @ Gtown radio) will be the co exe producer of the documentary? It just Keeps growing !!! Hey Jack , you might wanna remind everyone coming to the big show on Sept 5th to please bring their video cams so they can be part of the New 2big4 production video. That's all for now...

  2. Agreed.... next time I'll remember to bring the tripod