Thursday, March 31, 2011

A visit from Uncle Al, Almost Movie time and it's Spring and controversy is in bloom

Hey it's been a while since the last update, but things have been BUCK WILD round here, and I've been getting my drink on. But I digress.

Hey, Uncle Al

I was walking down the hallway in “The REALLY BIG HOUSE” and ran into of all people, Uncle Al (whom for the record isn't really my Uncle, and is not sleeping with my mom, I just call him Uncle Al because he's been very helpful to us and I don't know his last name). Al asked how Lexie was doing, and I told him, “She is doing well, as a matter of fact, she's right in there why don't you say hello”. Al had to talk to Uncle Henry (Once again, only LIKE an Uncle) and he would be right back.

Al is a mover and shaker in the Philadelphia music scene, and he's the one that hooked us up with our new base of operation here in The REALLY BIG HOUSE.

Al has a fascination with what Lexie and I do online in Second Life. I find this interesting because people outside of Second Life can view it as something progressive and not Lame. It is after all just another way to get live music in front of listeners so it's rather then blow it off, he's curious about how it all works.

Al came in the studio just as we were about to start, found a seat and started to listen. Al has never heard us play live before, so it could have been uncomfortable if he thought we were not that great. Lucky for us, we are great... and humble too.

After three songs Al walked out the door. I figured he's a busy man and probably can't stay (I never take anything personally because we are so great... and humble). But Al didn't leave. He just went to his car to grab his video camera to capture the wonderful new experience to share with his friends.

Al was blown away by our show, and the whole Second Life scene. After the show he talked about how he was going to show his videos to some friends of his, then offered us a few shows offline.

When a very busy man takes the time to check something out he must see some value in it. And I have to confess I see the value in Playing in Second Life. Not only does it pay the bills and feed me, it's probably the most cost effective way of getting life music out. Keep in mind, I'm not saying it has a great profit margin, but it is cost effective.

In other words, I'm not getting rich, but I'm not going broke either.

Almost movie time

I've mentioned in the past that a big shot director was going to shoot some scenes here in The REALLY BIG HOUSE. Seems it's going to happen this month. Oddly the area they'll be shooting in is the same big dark room we ended the “Elvis Hunter” video. I imagine they'll use lights and stuff.

When it all goes down, I'll probably be lurking around with my video camera. It's kind of exciting really.

Call me Mr. Controversy

At today's show (the one Uncle Al attended) I commented about the act following us, “I wouldn't want to follow us because we are two people and the person following us will have to work twice as hard”.

Now I think that is a joke even if it's not a very funny one. There was no malicious intent, nor was I making any comment about the act following us. When Lexie can't make it to the studio on time and I have to play the show alone I always say in the notice I'll have to work twice as hard.

Somebody other then the act following us told me they were very offended by my comment, said I was an ass, and had no sense of shame.

I bring this up only to comment, it's a pity what passes for controversy these days.

Yeah, I'm an ass, I have no shame, now get up, you aren't hurt.

By the by

if Uncle Al shows up with a cord we can plug his video camera into the computer with, I'll probably grab the footage and whip up and amusing video.

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