Saturday, November 13, 2010

Band camp mania RAWKS Palm Springs

Friday November 12 was Jack and Lexie, as our Avatar alter egos brought the MOJO to Palm springs big time.

Friday as you know is a great night to both party and attend a party. Lexie and I had... a few shots (Chocolate Vodka for her and of course Jameson whiskey for me) and we had a serious Rock and Roll vibe going on. The show was musical, fun and funny. Frankly seems like everybody involved was horny, and it seemed to fuel the fire.

Lexie Dragovar and Aprille Twine were up front doing some very provocative dances, and you all know, I'm kind of into that sort of thing. GarGraVar was taking photos and I'm sure we'll all be receiving black mail notes any day now.

We do archive each show, and when listening back to the recording we discussed the idea of creating a “Best of Band Camp” Mp3 collection. Of course it might be more then a Mp3 collection. We are doing some video shows online, and when we play our live show on the 19th of November there will be video of that event.

The reason we are considering this is two fold. Reason one, it would be wicked cool, and reason two because we could use the proceeds from it's sale to provide seed money for out up coming tour, “2 BIG 4 THE INTERNET 2011”

The music is getting tighter, the fun level is escalating though the roof, and everybody seems to be getting on the Band Camp bus. I'm well aware this might all seem crazy, but it might be crazy enough to work.

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