Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lexie Sez.....

Today we have some comments for Lexie Smith, plus a video.

10 days (but who's counting ? ) I   AM !!!!!

OMG , seriously I just asked Jack how many days till 2big4 offically begins and he said 10 days which means my friend Noma is coming back to Philadelphia to visit and play music and jump and and down on the bed in our PJ's and have a big ole pillow fight with. That is seriously an OMG moment. And as If that isn't enough, 11 days , that 11 days Vinniefromohiovisitinglexieinphiladelphia will be here . (NO that wasn't a typo, that was me ,way too excited about meetinghimforthefirsttimeinperson, to stop and use the space bar.)
Here's the thing though, these plans are so extremely precious to me because right after we made them, I mean like the week we made them I ended up in the hospital on life support for a week and almost ruined all these plans permanently. Thanks to some amazing health care and loving support from family and friends globally we are gonna be rocking the first week of September. (Which happens to be my birthday month).

This concert , doc u-drama , cd collaboration is looking to be one of most exciting musical endeavors I have participated in thus far. I have recorded in various recording studios   
 through out the years, and I have played both large and intimate venues in my career. What makes this concert performance so special , will be showing the evolution and reality  of the power you have as an  internet troubadour, reaching musical supporters from all over the globe on a daily basis at times and bring them to one venue in Philadelphia to take part in a movie and concert. I love all of you and I implore you to come to philly on Sept 5th and help us make musical history. OMG OMG OMG.... how is all that for an OMG moment?

2big4theinternt    September 5th Lexie, Jack, Noma, Vinnie ,Ira.... and you 

xoxoxo much love ….


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