Thursday, July 12, 2012

Your Kinagree Smith, News you can use

The Return of Lexie Smith

Last night, at “Bob's Secret Music Island”, Lexie Smith (AKA Lexie Luan) played her first full Second Life show. The show featured most of the fan favorites and two of the three Suits from the upcoming “Ashes and Dreams”. After the show, Lexie was exhausted but she has made great strides in her recovery. While she is still officially on the “Injured Reserve list”, you'll be seeing a bit more of her and as time goes on and she gets stronger, she'll be “all up in your face”.

For those of you out of the loop, Lexie is recovering from two heart attacks (within a weeks time), flat lined three times, and spent five days on a respirator. The fact she is alive is a miracle, the fact she is doing shows after a month out of the hospital is a testament to her resilience, determination and

“Ashes and Dreams”?

Now that Lexie had kicked the Grim Reapers butt and is on the road to recovery, We are beginning to work on our EPIC master work “Ashes and Dreams”. During the heart boo boo incident and recovering from said incident, it's safe to say there is a little “Rust on the Blade”. But we are working on getting back up to speed, and once there. You can expect something amazing.

Jack Kinagree's : Hobson's Choice Virtual World Tour to Start

“Hobson's Choice” could arguably be the best recording I've ever made. However, the sales have not reflected the quality of the work. How good is it? The proof of the pudding is in the tasting, so have a listen if you haven't already.......

My past recording efforts have sold far better, but back in the day I was playing three or four shows a day. Now I'm playing one or two shows and day, and I'm not reaching enough fresh ears to support the release properly.

If you know of any good Venue's in Second Life I should contact, feel free to leave a comment. Trying to work my way back up to three shows a day and every once and a while four shows if there are no “Kinagree Smith” Events listed.

What about the Zombie Apocalypse Rock Opera?

With the return of Lexie Smith, the Rock Opera is put on the back burner. We'll work on “Ashes and Dust” next, and when I have a few moments to work on the Opera I will.

However, there is one more “Demo” of the music from the Zombie Apocalypse Rock Opera. This is a song about the guys that create the “Prosperity Ray”, and features several characters. There is no Art work for this bit, because frankly, the music is easy and the artwork takes a lot of time. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek behind the scenes.

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