Thursday, May 31, 2012

To CD... or not to CD. That is the question.

If "Ashes and Dreams" were a CD,
perhaps this would beThe Cover Art

While waiting for Lexie to come back to the active duty roster, I thought I would share conversation topic we've been kicking around the basement for a while.

Should we make a actual CD of our upcoming project “Ashes and Dreams”?

On May 1st of 2011, we released our debut CD, “Wartzinall”. It was available as both a down loadable collection of MP3s, and a physical CD. The cost of the CD was covered by some of our supporters or frankly we could not attempt this. But we have learned a lot from the experience. We sell a whole lot more downloads then CDs.

The CDs where manufactured as a short run of 100 units, and we still have over half of them in the box. While this sounds a bit grim, considering the profit margin on CDs, had we paid out of pocket to make them, we would have broken even. At this point when we give a copy away to a radio station the benefit outweighs the cost... even when they don't play it.

But do people really play CDs anymore? I'm sure we've all got some CDs we love, but haven't you “Ripped” them and put them on your personal MP3 player by now?

CD baby, a website that charges people a fee to sell their CDs for them, insist physical CDs are a necessity for artist credibility. But one could argue they are a bit bias.

We do have a comment section on this Blog. If you have an opinion please feel free to post it. I feel I should mention the comment section is moderated. Not because we are editing out content, but because some people on an un-moderated forum post some horrible things.

We don't have a metaphorical “Dog in this fight”, so feel free to post “Pro”, “Con”, or “On the fence” posts without editorial reprisal.

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  1. I like the MP3's, but for CD's I really like, being a collector of music I like to have the actual CD in hand. If it's an artist I really appreciate, I buy both. That being said, can I buy a copy of "Wartzinall"???