Thursday, May 10, 2012

Breaking News, “Ashes and Dreams” breaks out of Pre-Production Limbo

It's been over a year since the release of Kinagree Smiths Debut recording “Wartzinall”. Almost immediately after the launch of the first recording a second recording was proposed. The Project was titled “Ashes and Dreams” and it posed a bit of a challenge.

The concept was to perform three suits of songs based on the themes of loss and redemption. All three suits would be performed live and recorded. In other words, we were creating an artistic work that we could perform live, no studio trickery.

This proved to be a greater challenge then ever anticipated. Each song not only had to fit the theme, but work in conjunction with the song before it.

We've had the first two suits figured out for a while and have even performed them live in concert several times. But the third suit was the rub. It had to be the climax of the work, and had to straddle the line between optimistic and sappy. It had to be different, but still fit in to the work as a whole.

After months of trying to figure out what songs would make up the third suit, we finally broke the code last night. After month of getting it wrong, we finally got it right.

We are officially out of Pre-Production Limbo and into the rehearsal stage.

In relatively short order we should be in the studio. At this point, there is nothing to it, but to do it.

Of course I won't hazard a release date at this point. You never know what sniggles will pop up during the recording, and since we are doing this live, is we mess up at any point we have to start all over. And not just one song, but there are four songs in each suit.

This could prove challenging, and with a lesser group of musicians I might even call it impossible. But I know what Kinagree Smith can do when they get their mojo working.

This recording will be patterned on the “Hobson's Choice” Model. An amazing audiophile recording of a breathtaking performance.

In other “Ashes and Dreams” new, the cover package is done. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on the blog before, but “Ashes and Dreams” doesn't have just one piece of cover art, but 12 different covers. One for each song on the recording. Three suits with four songs each means 12 covers.

But... there are more then 12 songs on “Ashes and Dreams” because we are providing a Epilog song bringing the total to 13 songs. Dose this 13th song have it's own cover art? Yes, the back cover is for the 13th song.

This is an exciting, challenging, and unique project. I'm confident when I encourage you to expect great things.

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