Friday, November 11, 2011

My life is kind of weird

Yeah I know this blog is suppose to be all about Kinagree Smith, but I'm part of that band and what happens to me effects the whole band because I host the playing arrangement in my living situation.

Long story short, I've moved. The place I move to about two month ago kind of vanished on me, and while I could tell you all about it.... blah blah blah snore... who cares.

Suffice it to say, moving sucks. I seem to do it a lot in Philadelphia. I have a theory that fate is trying to make it so I live in everybody's house for two months, and when I've spent time in every single house in Philadelphia... I'll probably die.

Hey... don't panic there are a gazillion houses in Philly, if I spend two months in each I'll live to be a gazillion billion years old.

Anyway, seems I'm currently living in Kenn Kweder's house. Kenn is the host of the “Nuclear Hootenanny” and a serious Philadelphia Rock Icon.

I'm really kind of coming to grips with Kenn's Legacy here. His memorabilia (or perhaps Kennorabilia) is all over the house. It's not so much because he's a freaking ego maniac (which he may be, I just live in his house I can claim to know him very well)), but because he's selling this house (or trying to) and the realtors are playing up the fact Kenn lives here.

If I've ever doubted Kenn's fame, suffice it to say when realtors know you are famous... you are famous.

Out of all the “Kenn stuff” in the house, my favorite is his business card. It says “Kenn Kweder, Rock Star”.

Kenn Doesn't live here, so stop imagining some kind of late night jam sessions. But he does drop by from time to time. Probably to collect rent.

While I can't speak with authority about the scope of Kenn's Talent and or his musical legacy in Philadelphia, I can says he's a pretty cool guy.

Me: Hey Kenn, can I live at your house?
Kenn: Yeah, sure.

Now that I'm all settled in, we'll start working our five year plan for world domination. We've got some exciting shows in the works, and I understand we are going to put out a record or two in time.

Keep expecting great things... coming live from Kweder basement.

I'm pretty sure Kenn will sell his house... in two months.

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