Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Release the releases, Super Secret Mega Release on Kinagree Smith website

Well it's been a busy day at the old website. We are making so much content available it will make your brain pop.

Well... maybe not so much pop as think. Both are rather rear occurrences these days.

We've instituted a new flash based catalog system, just click on the cover art and go to a page that features the release........

Whoa... News Flash... we just had a earthquake in Philadelphia. That was weird.


You are directed to a page giving you all the info on the release and can listen to song samples from the release. In most cases, you get the full song list. It's cool, it's handy and I hope it works well for our visitors.

In the catalog currently are....

Wartzinall, Kinagree Smith's debut recording.

Zorch Boomhauer: “Outside the box”, A box set without a box featuring the entire recorded Catalog of Zorch Boomhauer (Jack Kinagree's Second Life Alter Ego). This is a HUGE collection of songs and is one case in which the play list is not complete. Weighing in at 117 MP3 files... it's a lot of listen for the bucks.

Lexie Luan: “Lexie's Pink Box” The complete recorded catalog of Lexie Luan (Lexie Smith's Second Life Alter Ego). You'll find a full play list for this one. So listen up, and get your PayPal account set to “Spend”.

Disposable Art Project: Re-Psycyled. This is a “Best of” collection from the Disposable Art Project. If you are looking for a Kinagree Smith connection, Disposable Art Project was a Art Rock studio adventure conceived and performed by Jack Kinagree. It's some pretty weird stuff, but if you are an adventurous listener it might be right up your bailiwick.

This is a rather major update and I hope you'll take a moment to poke around. We do intend to release as much music as we can, simply because I think it serves both the music and Listener well.

Please take a moment to check it out

Thanks again for all your support. As always, Expect great things.

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