Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ready for my Close up

The Production Video is finish..... ummm... where is it?

After 6 grinding weeks of hard work, it's done. And frankly, just between you and I, I think it's pretty cool. I showed the finished video to my band-mates and they are pretty impressed as well. Of course we are biased, but soon you'll be able to judge for yourself.

I think such an effort deserves a bit more then to be callously slapped up on YouTube and Embedded and Linked to Facebook. Of course in time it will be Slapped, Embedded and Linked, but a little ceremony should come first.

Time for a Grand Premiere.

You might be wondering, when, and where this grand premiere will happen. I'm honestly wondering that myself. But the plan is to have a Premiere in Second Life, and then do the whole slapping, embedding and linking ritual for the rest of the web.

The story here is not a when or where story. Just giving you a heads up it's done and expect it to be available shortly.

While it's probably not the BEST VIDEO EVAR, I'm pretty sure that was POL's last video,but it's safe to say it's in the top ten videos created with a 0.00 $ budget.

And while I'm speaking about budget, I should take a moment out to thank our good friend Pretz Coleslaw. She donated the video camera we use to make all our videos, and if not for her, our YouTube page would be kind of sparse.

The Incarnation of Swami Gitesh

For a while now, we've been saying hello to our most consistent off the grid-on the web site listener Swami Gitesh. We've even said hello to him when it was highly unlikely he was listening (say 4 am).

Well guess who showed up on Second Life last Saturday at our NAG show? No other then Swami Gitesh in Second Life. I bring this up only because I think it's wicked cool. Who'da Thunk somebody would come to Second Life just because they were a fan of a musical act and wanted to see what the heck was going on at the other end of the Interweb.

So if you see Swami Gitesh, say, “Hello Swami Gitesh”.

We need your suggestions

I've mentioned something I've called, “the party across the void”. This would be a simultaneous concert in real life and Second Life. Our vision at this point is to have people at both ends perform. A real life performance streamed in-world, and then a Second Life performance streamed to the event.

While I, and the rest of Kinagree-Smith think this is a great Idea, the other band members are not comfortable with the name, “The Party Across the Void”. So I'm asking you, what do you think would be a great name for this event?

We are trying to get the media involved, so we do need a catchy and compelling title for this event. Your help is this matter would be appreciated.

And so we go on, shaking things up and doing all we can to make things somewhat interesting. We thank you for your support. As always, I encourage you to expect great things.

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