Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wartzinall CD removed from Reverb Nation Store for revison

Might be news you can use

Okay, I'm pretty sure the likelihood of someone buying an actual CD as this point in history is not great. People LOVE those cute little MP3 files Gawd bless em. But I am pulling the CD version of Wartzinall from our Reverb Nation page to give it the treatment it deserves.

We very much wanted to have all options available on release day. So I uploaded the MP3 files to the "Publish on demand" version of the CD. This was pretty stupid on my part, I should have just let it slide a few days and done it right first time.

I know most people are use to MP3 files and don't really hear the sound degradation, but let me tell you MP3 is a very Lossy file type. While I did make the MP3 files from 32 bit master (a higher bit rate then even CDs use), they still loose a lot of the little details.

Last night while preparing the Wav files for distribution on I-Tunes, I could not help but notice how freaking good they sounded. I figure if somebody is going to spend the extra 5$ for the CD they should get a better sounding product, so the CD will be rebuilt using the 16 bit, 44.1 htz Redbook standard.

Now you might think because I sent I-Tunes Wav files they will sound better then the ones you can get from our humble web site. They won't. I-Tunes will step all over them when they make them in to MP3s because that is the nature of MP3s. And I-Tunes will be using the 16 bit master instead of the 32 bit masters so they will probably not sound as good as the ones on our humble web site.

I understand that you might think this is all an elaborate ploy to talk you into buying the most costly version of the same songs you can get in MP3 form, but such is not the case. The Publish on Demand CDs cost us 5.95$ so we basically lose money when you buy the better sounding CD version.

All I'm saying is there is a better sounding version of Wartzinall. I want to make it available to those that can hear the difference even if it cost me money to do so.

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