Friday, May 13, 2011

Operation “Make a Disk” is in effect and failure is... well a likelihood, but that never stopped us before

Independence is a wonderful thing, and Lexie and I have been remarkably independent as artist, but we have always been aware of how much our supporters make what we do possible and even reasonable to do. You have always been there for us, and when the situation seems untenable, it's often been our good friends that have made the difficult seem a little less... well.. difficult (I'm reading this to Lexie and she says “Thank you”). While not optimist, we are still dreamers.

We did manage to cobble together a rather nice recording with little more then moxy, spunk and a handful of great songs. We did get some help from our friends of course, Noma played bass and mandolin, Chris played drums and Senjata gave us the perfect Bodhran track to open the CD with. But in the end, it was endless hours of hard work that made the recording possible and delivered on time.

A wise man named Captain Jack Sparrow once said, “There are two things that matter. What a man can do, and what a man can't do”. We can make a recording of some great songs, but what we can't do, at least in a timely manner is pay to have the actual CD manufactured.

Time is of the essence here and let me tell you why. We have a handful of opportunities upcoming where having a actual CD would be of great benefit to us. A music career is all about being “in the right place at the right time”, and making the most of your opportunities.

We have a very high profile show on May 28th at the Legendary Dobbs, and a music festival spot in June. In both situations having a physical CD available would be very useful to us.

There is also an independent public Radio station in Philadelphia that features the kind of off beat music we play. Their support has helped launch the careers of several artist in the Philadelphia area. We do have a connection that could possibly get our songs in rotation in time to get us some much needed attention before our debut at Dobbs.

Perhaps now you can see our need for timely action.

We do need your help.

Our goal is simple, to make a short run of CDs (100 is a very short run), and use them for further our careers. The cost for such a endeavor is 244.00 $.

We don't have thousands of supporters, but we do have more then ten... I think (smiles). If each one chipped in whatever they could afford, we could move things forward and … that would be a very good thing ™.

Please donate as much as you can to the pay pal button below. I know money is tight and whatever you can afford will really help. Time is the issue here, and while not taking advantage of these opportunities won't sink us, it would suck to have to let them pass us by.

Thank you for your support both in the past and now, as always expect great things.

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