Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh My Gawd!!! “Name the CD” contest controversy about to break loose, Mixing, and Questions you might frequently ask about the up coming CD

And the winner is.....

The person winning the prize, at least the free download is “Sheet Spotter”, for his title suggestion “Release”. Way to go Sheet, but we aren't going to use that title for the CD. I'm posting the art work we would have used if we had used that title. Hopefully this will show how earnest we were about using it.

However, when we showed the art work to our marketing expert, She told me to “Hang your head in shame”, because it was Crap. I didn't think it was crap, but I'm not an expert.

the actual title of the new CD happened by pure serendipity. We had sent a copy of one song to someone to find out if it did anything weird when he played it on his system. This is always a good thing to check, we call it the “something weird test”.

He said it wasn't doing anything weird, but it was kind of sloppy and had a lot of gaps. I told him, “them aint gaps, them is GROOVES”. He said, “whatever, your fans will love it warts and all”.

So there is the title. “Wartzinall”. It is so officially the title I've added it to my spellchecker dictionary. Your are probably wondering if we are going to award a prize to the guy that said, “whatever, your fans will love it warts and all”. Well stop wondering, we aren't. That guy is a Dick, and it wasn't really a suggestion, just an offhanded comment. And besides, I made that whole story up, and there is no such guy, and while the story isn't true we like it.

So maybe we'll send him a cheap box of wine.

Not fixing it in the mix

I'm currently mixing the new project and I've done a lot of recordings in the last three years. If I've learned anything, mixing is a very time consuming. I should be in the middle of a panic and too busy puking in to a bag to update the blog. But I've learned something really important.

Most the time spent in the past mixing was spent trying to fix things that were just wrong when I tracked the project. This project, we spent an incredible amount of time in the “Tracking” stage. We spent so much time getting the tracks right, there isn't really anything to “Fix”.

This makes mixing a much less time consuming process.

Noma's bass line are thick and full of Smexy bottom end, and Chris's drum tracks are very flexible. Chris is one of Philadelphia's premier sound engineers, so this is no surprise.

I've got mix candidates for all ten tracks at this point. I'm going to sleep, wake up and listen to them with fresh ears, make notes and do a few corrections to the mix. Not Fix things, just get a bit more polish on the sound.

Tomorrow evening I'll be mastering, and I'm hoping due to the fact it's been such an easy mix, that mastering will not prove too much of a challenge. Then pack it up and get it ready for our friends.

My Imaginary Frequently Asked Questions about “Wartzinall”

Q: Who's playing on “Wartzinall”?

A: Jesus, Einstein, Gandhi, Mr. T, Madonna (the REAL Madonna, Jesus can't come to the Port Richmond Area unless his mom comes with him), Gary Glitter, Metal Mike, Michelle Obama, Santa Clause, Norman Bates, George C Scott, George Foreman, George Carlin, George Cluney, Phyllis Diller, Bruce Springsteen and Wallace Berry.

Q; Who is really Playing on “Wartzinall”?

A: Jack Kinagree, Lexie Smith, Noma Falta, Senjata Witt, and Chris Gately.

Q: Will “Wartzinall” be an actual CD?

A: Yes, you should be able to order a copy from our Reverb Nation page day one. At least that is how I'm hoping it works.

Q: Will “Wartzinall” be available via third party download sites (like I-Tunes)?

A: Yes. I was going to pass on this option, but I understand that Steve Jobs actually does need my money, so we'll probably have it at I-tunes. Once I start giving money to Steve Jobs, I might as well support the other download sites.

Q: What does Wartzinall mean?

A; Wartzinall is a German word meaning, “Recorded music that makes you high and then causes sexual release”.

Q: What was your major inspiration for making “Wartzinall”?

A: The fine Citizen of Canada. God bless those Hockey loving brigands. If only the rest of the world was more like Canada.

Q: Can you give me three good reasons to buy “Wartzinall”?

A: Yes

Q: What are those three reasons?

A: (reason 1)It has a unique sound and feeling to it. It is possible this is the first “Folk Rawk” recording ever made. (reason 2)While Jack and Lexie both have a huge catalog of music, this could be the first debut/Greatest hits album in the history of recorded music. You KNOW these songs, buy the record and fill in the dead time between shows. (reason 3) We need the money to buy lottery tickets. Winning the lottery is the cornerstone of our business plan.

Q: What songs are on “Wartzinall” and in what order?

A: Here we go.

1. Sweet taste of home
2.I could get use to you
3.Mo Anam Cara
4.Are you really that good
5.Think of you
6.Your words
7.So into you
8.Oscar (Find Love)
10.The Harper Dongal

Q: Are you guys ROCK STARS yet?

A: We never planned on being ROCK STARS and frankly the whole ROCK STAR thing has been done to death. It's sooooo...... 2010. We are striving to become the more prestigious ROCK ARTIST or perhaps FOLK ROCK MUSIC ICON.

Well that is about all for this Blog. The release party is this upcoming Sunday, May 1st. I hope to see you there. Thanks you all for your support and keep expecting great things.

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