Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rocking, Recording and gaining perspective

Lexie and I have been playing some Killer shows online and I've gotta tell you, our collective mojo is working. We've been working diligently on the recording of our first Kinagree-Smith project and suffice it to say that is a story in and of itself.

We are dealing with a world where musicians can collaborate in the same room, or hundreds of miles apart. We've go so much talent going into the music, all I really have to do is not screw it up somehow.

We've got the Songs, the music, the talent, and yes... the energy that breaths life into a project. These are exciting times for Kinagree-Smith.

Today I got kind of a wake up call. Today was the first day our numbers dipped on the charts, and frankly I spazed a bit about that. But we are currently back at #22, even though our band equity rating slipped -3 points. This is the first downward trend so far.


I did look at the charts page just to see where we sit in the grand scheme of things. The pages are parsed out 25 positions at a time, so while a very new act, Kinagree-Smith is on the same page as the #1 Philadelphia folk artist. I also learned that the artist in the #1 slot has over 20,000 fans.

Okay, we've got some work to do before we make it to #1. I reckon about 20,000 fans worth of work, and I'm okay with that. We probably won't get there this week... but in time, we'll have the #1 slot.

I've decided not to lose sleep over the number anymore. I really am proud of the support our friends have given us to get us this far (we are on the first page you know), and feel high fives are in order.
Everybody sing, we are the champions WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!

Hey success is all in how you define it. We are on the front page and I'm pretty sure it's all due to the devoted effort of a hand full of supporters.

I'm in not quitting, or relenting or being reasonable. I'm just coming to grips with the fact it's a long fun filled trip, and we all might as well enjoy the ride.

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