Monday, November 29, 2010

My best day on Second Life yet

As you probably know if you have been following this blog, last Sunday was the BIG HUGE EPIC POL ARIDA COVERED EVENT (man.... would you look at all the capital letters, must be important).

Now in real life, you have to be very careful about saying “The best day of my life”, because there is almost always a child or spouse near by ready to burst into tears. But in Second Life you have the liberty to just proclaim, this is... the best day ever.

I'm a big POL fan... but I'm not Internet gay for him, and this event was like Christmas for me. The best part, at least as far as I'm concerned is the simple fact that everybody there was almost as into POL's music as I am.

It was kind of like going to church... but it's not stupid to believe in POL's music.

The line up started with Lexie and I doing a duet of POL's “Brief encounter”. We thought it would be a funny idea to swap the Boy and Girls part, and maybe it was funny, but I did end the day in a skirt.

Well to be technical about it, I ended up in a kilt, but you and I both know what a kilt really is.

Then the hero of the show Nya , whom is NOT a Second Life (or first life) Musical performer did “The suicide of Jane”. She did it with the double stream backward because that is the only way we could get it to work. So she started singing when Lexie cue her in chat, and did what the kewl kids call “Going for it”. Yeah it was awkward, but it worked. The disjointed performance worked very well with such a disjointed song.

Nya RAWKED it, as best she could and she did it for all the right reasons. The Love of POL and his music.

Then Hazadion (However you spell that) covered “One”. He performed it playing his guitar and singing which is a lot less awkward then singing to a backward double stream.

Hey I could sit here and tell you all about it, or you could check out the recordings available at POL's web page. Okay it's a little tricky so I'll tell you how I get it to work. You click play on the POL Player, and a the menu to the left of the POL player will pop up. Then click on “Live tracks” and you are hooked up.

Be sure to Check out the Lexie and Zorch tracks. Also make a point to check out DeadEyes version of “The last song ever”. Then check out all the tracks. Phemie did a smashing job as well with “Winning”.
And Strum's version of “Passion” kicked major booty. Blind boy gumbofied “Catch the wind”, and Grace got all up inside “Welcome to winter”.

Hey, didn't I post the link so I wouldn't have to tell you all this stuff? Oh wait, I didn't post it yet.

If you were not there you need to check this out. And if you were there, you'll want to hear it again.

One side note. GarGraVar was taking pictures during the event and posted them to FaceBook faster then... well...... I would ever do it. Way to go Gar.

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  1. I have to say it was a great day indeed. Each of you took his work, kept his essence and then colored them further with your Souls. I was surprised that I crashed only a few times and I know I missed a bit, but thanks to Katy aka Elura, she grabbed me, resuscitated me and I was able to continue to snap away and then post what I could. A lot of people made this event one of the greatest, and many helped to spread the word. Pol, he inspires, he enriches with the possibilities that the future may bring. Each of you do as well. I know I for one feel honored to know each of you and proud to call each of you Friend.
    P.S rumour has it you are next to be COVERED