Monday, November 22, 2010

Digging for Gold

George Martin produced all but one Beatles record. “Let it be” was produced by Phil Spector. “Let it be” was recorded on George Martin's watch, but crumbled into chaos and ended up being hundreds of hours of audio tape. Phil Spector production efforts were all postmortem. He never sat in the studio with the Beatles and told George Harrison, “You need to make your guitar weep a little bit more”.

Lexie is currently in a Phil Spector situation. No, she hasn't shot a hooker and her hair is way nicer then Phil's, but she is digging though hour of audio files looking for the good stuff.

The problem is, it's all good stuff, so in order not to make this collection 117 hours long, she's gotta figure out what the best of the best is, and it's a lot of work. I know. I'm watching her do it.

In the mean while, I'm playing the waiting game on the video footage from the Orin Ben benefit. They did hire a professional videographer and there is some high def footage around just waiting to be spliced into a wicked cool video. Just saying, the waiting game sucks, let's play naked hot oil twister.

But there is still much to do and because we RAWK, we are doing it. Scoping out venues for the up coming “2 Big 4 The Internet” tour, and we've made a very dashing “2 Big 4 The Internet” T-shirt available at either the Jack Kinagree or Lexie Smith Reverberation shop. We still make sure to update the blog and the work on the web site is never ending.

And every now and then we play some shows in world.

Thanksgiving is this upcoming Thursday, and I'm very thankful I'm involved with this project. Expect great things, I know I do.

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